Automate, in a sustainable and innovative way, packaging and distribution systems.


Sitma is made up of people, who are encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts, since both creativity and intelligence remain the driving forces behind technological innovation. The development of original ideas and new solutions, is supported by investments and the implementation of in-house tools and technologies.



Sitma is an Italian Company, established in 1965, specializing in designing and building complete solutions for packaging, post-press, DM/Transpromo and e-logistics, relying on more than 8,000 machines installed worldwide.

Active in more than 70 countries, Sitma is headquartered in Spilamberto (Modena), in northern Italy.

Three subsidiary companies in France, U.S.A. and Japan and a network of more than 20 agents worldwide ensure an export share of 80%.

The company began its business manufacturing equipment for the packaging industry. Since that time, Sitma has expanded and specialises in the graphic arts industry, achieving leadership in the business segment by supplying high quality systems dedicated to newspaper, magazine, book and direct mail / fulfilment industries.

Constant growth has enabled Sitma to reach a leading role in the domestic market. Gradually, the know-how was exported throughout Europe and to the other continents.

Technological innovation is at the heart of the Company. Our special octagonal office space, which hosts our engineering and R&D departments, can be found in the centre of our headquarters, all dedicated to new materials and design investigation.

We work in partnership with key suppliers and various University Departments for the development of new technologies and for the engineering  of modular and flexible systems, allowing high levels of customisation.



History +50 years established in 1965


Manufacturing site Italy


Location Spilamberto (near Modena)


Technological Innovation +80 Patents registered +10 pending patents


Our Team + 150 over the world


Export Share + 80%


3 subsidiary companies Sitma France, Sitma Japan, Sitma U.S.A



At Sitma we strive to support our clients from the initial stages of discussion right through to the final installation of our production lines, being not only a supplier, but a true partner. With the increasingly competitive demands of the market, we at Sitma work to anticipate and react to the trends that entice customer imagination. The analysis of these major evolutions in consumer habits is at the forefront of a business culture devoted to client support. The updates taking place at our Italian headquarters involve all departments where we can showcase the push toward technological development.


Sitma follows a sustainable, ethical and responsible approach towards its clients, its collaborators and, of course, the environment itself. Our company expresses a strong commitment in developing advanced technologies in new energy management. Energy conservation is a key factor in guaranteeing customers a significant reduction in consumption (less waste), higher quality of products, and performance optimization. Holding already the ISO 9001- 140001 and 50001 certifications, our aim is to become a totally green company by 2020.


Innovation, competence and curiosity are the drivers for an ever-growing process. Sitma is increasing its efforts towards empowering its research team to incrementally improve the efficiency of the technological processes and the structure of its current solutions, all in order to uncover the breakthroughs of the future. Training is a key factor for our Company, where we constantly promote courses and make sure our teams are always up to date.


Passion is what ultimately motivates the people of Sitma. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts; “People Moving Ideas”: a phrase created by our company to symbolize both creativity and intelligence, something which is the driving force behind technological innovation. The development of original ideas and new solutions is supported by investments and the implementation of in-house tools and technologies.